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Ali Fazal discusses the current state of art censorship in India, ahead of the Netflix release of 'Ray.'
Ray, a Netflix anthology series based on Satyajit Ray's works, is an anthology series. Three f See More

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Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir is one of the best batsmen India has ever produced. He is playing his second innings in politics after retiring from all forms of cricket in December 2018. Gambh See More

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Achint Thakkar, guitarist, vocalist, and producer, had only one EP under his belt as the creator of the psychedelic rock band Rosemary a decade ago. Since then, he's been quietly taking on more commer See More

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The editor-in-chief of Zee News is another well-known name among media personalities. He is the host of Zee News' "daily news and analysis (DNA)," India's most popular prime time show. He has been a n See More

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Richa Anirudh, a journalist, recently teamed up with India Ahead Digital for a weekly digital show named 'Covid Aur Hum.'
The new show will cover a variety of topics related to dealing with Covid. An See More

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Richa Anirudh is a television journalist, radio jockey, news anchor, social activist, and public speaker from India. She is one of India's most well-known television personalities, appearing in a vari See More


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